John Philpin

067 | John Philpin Talks About A Change In Direction

Flexibility., Agility. Pivot.
Words I am sure you are familiar with.
Words we pride ourselves on them being part of our thinking.
We are taking a turn – tune in to listen to what’s going on.

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066 | And In A Dream Your Future Had A Voice

Scott Schorr – lifelong drummer, owner of the music label Lazybones and indpendent music producer – talks about his life in music and outside of the music industry, meeting Tony Levin (Gabriel and King Crimson) and then Alan White (Yes). It’s a story of the pursuit of passion.

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065 | You Can Hear, Hear Your Infectious Laugh

Frederick Van Johnson takes time out to catch up with John Philpin to talk about his journey that finally resulted in him running a media property called This Week In Photo.

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064 | We Should Stay In Touch

Silicon Valley Legend MR Rangaswami catches up with his old friend Stuart Robbins.

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063 | Livin’ Under Your Marshall Law

Lee Fisher, Dean of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law spends some quality time with the occasional co-host of People First – Stuart Robbins.

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060 | I Want Solid Gold Toilet Bowls In My House

Solid Gold Toilet – Trust Me – You Want To Hear This One!

Delighted to be joined by Steve Brown, author of The Golden Toilet (you’ll have to read the book or listen to the podcast to understand the reference … but when you hear it – it TOTALLY makes sense!

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059 | Well Now That The Tables Are Turning

Stuart turns the tables on John and interviews him!

We also experiment with our first ever weekend release.

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058 | Give The Globe Another Spin. Are You In Berlin?

Philosopher, Analyst, Identity Rights Activist – it’s all part of the same journey in Tim’s mind.

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