John Philpin

In Conversation With Jean MacDonald

It was December 17th when MacGenie from Micro.Blog and I sat down for a conversation about why I am here at all. It really isn’t that existential – we were talking about all things Micro.Blog. Enjoy. BTW – The original Micro Monday Podcast is here … along with a whole host of other members from…

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In Conversation With Randall Rospond

It was May, 2017. I dropped into Maui and looked up my old friend Randall Rospond who invited me on to his Radio show the next day. With the help of Rogue Amoeba I set up my computer to capture the audio stream of the show and then I sliced out the interview when Randall…

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In Conversation with Frederick Van Johnston

It was June, 2010. At the time I was working for a small company called LiveBooks (if you are a photographer you may have heard of them). Frederick was running TWiP … still is actually. TWIP is a sister operation to Leo’s TWiT, This was an interview with Frederick – spanning 30 minutes and many…

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