People First podcasts fall into four distinct types.
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Conversations with the People First podcast guests.

Stuart Robbins is a regular co-host of the show. Each episode focuses on specific learnings extracted from real case studies.

Travels Without Charlie are stories about real people with clear messages.

Monologues and opinions focussed on tenets and pillars that make up People First.

050 | Such A Curiosity – Here It Comes To Set Us Free

Greg Orme, author of 'The Human Edge' and winner of the 2020 Business Book of the Year joins me...

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049 | Call It Serendipity

John catches up with classical violinist, LaTonya Peoples who also happened to be the composer of The People First...

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048 | Define Decision

John is joined once again by occasional co-host Stuart Robbins. Today's episode around 'decisions is extracted from a long...

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047 | Put Yourself In The Place Of The Man At The Forge

If you want an example of where the intersection of People First and the world of business is, then...

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