049 | Call It Serendipity

LaTonya Peoples is her name – and you are already acquainted with her – because she is the brains behind the music and the ‘musical punctuation’ you hear on every show.

Musician, Musical Therapist and IT consultant, LaTonya ‘talks to the universe’, followed and follows her dreams, in fact, she routinely practices many People First disciplines which is just one reason why I was absolutely delighted to catch up with her from her studio in Atlanta.

We touch on 

  • Pay, Purpose, Passion and Play
  • Following Your Dreams
  • Travels Without Charlie
  • Serendipity
  • Talking to the Universe

… we get into it all. The show is a little longer than my promised target, but trust me, the time will just rush by as you settle into my conversation with LaTonya Peoples.

13 comments on “049 | Call It Serendipity

  1. Shèrryne says:

    Fascinating conversation!! Enjoyed it. There is a man who takes a piano out into the bush in Africa & plays for elephants. Would love to hear of you doing that!

    1. John Philpin says:

      Why thank you Shèrryne – let me put my thinking hat on – AND find a guest to talk about it. 😄

    2. Hi Sherryne. Thank you so much for enjoying the conversation I had with John. Wow! Piano for elephants in their element. Wow!

  2. Ros Smith says:

    What a fascinating and inspiring lady LaTonya is! At this time especially in the music industry, her approach to life, the Universe, and serendipity is really inspiring. It’s a tough world just now, and if music in any form is your living, proactivity is all important. LaTonya shows us very clearly how that has always worked so well in her life. Thank you for a great podcast! I would love to hear her interviewed again in a few years to catch up with where her life did take her!

    1. John Philpin says:

      My thanks Ros … I’m not sure I am going to be able to wait a few years – but provided that she agrees – she will be back!

      1. Ros says:

        Well, sooner would be extremely interesting!

    2. Thank you so much for listening Ros! I am so humbled that you are inspired. This is a challenging world to get thru for sure. It’s connecting with people like you, John, and his great podcast that make it fun. Looking forward to more conversations!

  3. Mark Roman says:

    Fantastic episode John. Inspirational. Many times we as humans get so caught up in our focus we forget the playful aspects of life and forget to include play in our routine!! I wondered who did your musical interludes.

    1. John Philpin says:

      Thankyou Mark – much appreciate you dropping by and taking a listen and glad that I unknowingly answered your question!

    2. Hi Mark. Thank you very much for listing to this episode. Life would be no fun without awesome podcasts with John to participate in. Keep enjoying!

  4. I finally got around to checking out your podcast today and this was the first one I accessed. Really was serendipity. I had to go back into my inbox to see the exchange we had about data and music. Almost three years ago now! Congrats on getting PeopleFirst up and running. I know it will bring more joy and new ideas.

    1. John Philpin says:

      many thanks LaVonne

    2. Hi LaVonne! So glad that this was the first of the podcasts you listened to. I had such a fun time with John. Yay for serendipity!

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