United StatesUnited States2020-08-245KindSoul111Love it!I love that you put “People First” as the focus. I really enjoy listening to your voice, too. Thank you, John. Keep up the great podcast!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-215Big Jack DaddyoThe Key Approach to SuccessJohn has a great approach that really speaks to me and can’t wait to listen to more. PEOPLE are the key always to a winning formula and John’s expertise and strategy is great.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-205Dr CatherineAUnexpected Style ofI was expecting a rather serious podcast, which it is given the topic, and found the underlying common sense, along with the occasional humor rather refreshing. The level of experience John brings is unique, and useful for anyone in any form of business or leadership position. I dare say it applies to the business of managing a family as well!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-205Nice Guys on BusinessLet’s do this!Great job John! Excited to have you in the podcasting space. It’s a great format for your to be genuinely you. In just a few episodes you’ve captured the true essence of how to run a highly successful business, putting people first and all else after. Congratulations and best of success on the path you travel.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-185Shadeed Q. EleazerA Trusted Tour Guide through the Jungles of Small BusinessI was raised in a family that owned several small businesses and John's detailed walk down the path of entrepreneurship feels like I'm in the hands of a knowledgeable tour guide. I recommend this podcast for any small business owner who needs to understand what it takes to stay afloat and scale to bigger and better targets.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-185Unbending WindA force to be reckoned with…the vision of John Philip to put people first constantly. The creators of fascinating, unfathomed dreams and ideas, then materialized and set into motion by individuals for others? Thanks for the reminder and support to reimplement it into our businesses and even our lives.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175The original nice guyTHE NAME SAYS IT ALL!!This is a mindset that has helped me go far. I love hearing John talk about putting people first and it's implications. John knows his stuff!!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175DrBothwellFantsaticMore people should do business this way. Great insights.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175S. A. RobbinsApplause, applause...I rarely give 5 stars anywhere, to anyone, but to those who are struggling in business, battling with a manager who doesn't listen, and even for those who may be very successful but are now wondering if the old rules still apply, these podcasts will expand upon John's "People First" principia. Everyone should have a conversation with John Philpin.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175joehellerPeople First: The Mantra for a New AgePeople First! A mantra all should live by! We need to make this a declaration for business! Many forget this, and think profit first. I happen to have first hand experience with People First orgainzations and by far, they are the most successful! I plan on being a lifetime listener!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175Dr. Sarah DavidLead with people!Standing in the shoes of your customers is the overall theme from “People First, All Else Follows, Conversations with John Philpin." Loved his strategy using a “tiny team” approach and most importantly the people within the tiny team! He infuses his extensive corporate experience into small business processes centered around people. Can’t wait to get more golden nuggets!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175Kimberly WeitkampSuch a great approach!Can't wait to hear more from John! I love his approach of NOT returning to "normal"...and instead focusing on helping you reach where you want to be. A focus on people first is the way to do business and I can't wait to hear more.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-175FixitdudesJohn is onto something crucial hereIndustrial age, tech age, whatever 2020 is... The pace and scope of change is relentless and our social emphasis on output is increasingly alienating for the individual and, since companies are made of individuals, stifling for companies and economies alike. John’s notion of people first is simple, clear and powerful. I particularly look forward to hearing more of his findings and ideas on how to put people first in a tech business. We could use his insight there!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-165Susan DascenziReal People - Real Conversations - Real ExpertiseI LOVE this concept John...the idea of the "Tiny Team" and how it's really about people. This podcast is going to clearly show businesses how to to pay attention to people, whether as team member, customer, client, etc. CENTERED AROUND PEOPLE...YES! I love how you're going to bring your expertise and unique perspective to those of us who need to be reminded about making People FIRST! Thank you John! Totally refreshing!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-165Beckyjones001Taking it beyond the board roomJohn gets right to the core issue. The wealth that is our humanity is connection. Human connection that has the ability to transform. I’m looking forward to hearing more of John’s real life adventures!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-145Jennie BellPeople ARE firstIt's obvious that John GETS it. Like, really, REALLY gets it. The way he explains his philosophy and helps you see things from another view is refreshing.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135Homeschoolmom931830 years of expertise in this show!No doubt this is the way to do business! People First should be the mantra of all businesses regardless of industry. Maybe then employees work environment and client/customer experience would be extraordinary and the norm rather than of being few and far between. So glad to have this resource! This will make a huge difference! Highly recommended.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135The Neanderthal MindVery InterestingCan not wait to dive into the future episodes of this podcast
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135Victoria VKA powerful vision and a captivating storytelling!Just one episode and I am already loving it! John has quite a powerful vision and a way to share it that is so captivating. I love his voice too, which is icing on the top!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135PaulVannSpeaksPaulVannSpeaks - People First - All Else Follows Is EngagingPeople First - All Else Follows is an engaging podcast that takes listerners on a wonderful journey leading to impactful Conversations with host John Philpin. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to discover his wealth of executive leadership roles and how important people are in business and in their personal life. I will be listening to John Philpins podcast and so should you. Author, encore and upward with People First - All Else Follows with the wisdom, experience and expertise centered on Conversations with John Philpin.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135DJ Doug SandlerPeople first…it’s about timeIn the world of me me me, what an incredible show to introduce the world to People First. Nice work John and congrats on the success of your podcast.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-135Erica Ross-KriegerMay I Introduce To You...So great to meet John, hear his rich and impressive background, and hear the philosophy he's got at the basis of this new Podcast. I'm excited to hear these episodes and his People First approach! Powerful idea to build People First businesses.
CanadaCanada2020-08-225ticklewordsJohn Philpin has insights you need to hearGreat insights into the relationship between people and technology. His emphasis on putting people first is so necessary, for big companies and even for solopreneurs!
CanadaCanada2020-08-185Thomas0007Great insights from John!!Love the focus on people first. So many focus on the tech or transactions. Love that you draw a line in the sand and take this stand. Thank you John!
CanadaCanada2020-08-175Misha409LOVE this show!I not only love listening to John, great accent by the way, but his brilliance in business is note worthy and the concepts are made to implemented immediately! I can't wait to hear more episodes!
CanadaCanada2020-08-145LanaLKTiny Team PowerHow do I love this! Power in Connection, in remembering that when a talented small group of individuals connect and connect with each individual for their strengths and complimenting each others ability and ensuring that customers are humans, individuals and the Power and Value of People First. Excited to Listen and Learn and Appreciate the Wisdom shared.
CanadaCanada2020-08-135ScestBusiness Human Resources Essentail ListenThoughtful, Interesting, Educational for all business people about real people.
GermanyGermany2020-08-135Uwe DockhornVery Important InsightsI cannot agree more with John Philpin about the importance what he calls people first. I believe his perspective should be the gold standard in every organization. People are the most important assets that each organization has. Looking forward to more episodes. Highly recommended!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-315Caleb LamoreauTable talkThis is such a great podcast, subscribe and listen. You won’t regret it!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-09-075blkmopsyGood short mix of new and old best practices for navigationCorporate culture can be a minefield. John does a good job in varied conversations of finding the nuggets that apply to today’s world. One theme - Best practices retain their value despite the platform for collaboration. I’ve enjoyed the short conversations here, and look forward to what People First will become over time.
GermanyGermany2020-10-015wdf2The title says it allIt's astonishing and not a little depressing that so many businesses prioritize efficiency and processes over empathy and people. Peter Drucker said it in 1954, but anyone who's ever been a customer knows it inately. John's podcast is a clarion call to put people first. But, people being people, if you succeed in doing that much, then the "all else" that follows isn't just (or easily) profits and business success but the fresh challenge of constant and essential transformation.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-195LpeopReal and AuthenticThis is such a fun and informative Podcast to listen to. John is very engaging and authentic with listeners and people he is interviewing. You will not regret subscribing to this Podcast. The subjects are interesting and eclectic. There is something for everyone here. Enjoy!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-195MJR in CFFantastic and varied contentThe guests are varied and as the title implies it’s about people and their interactions with other Hunan beings which drive their success. It’s not a touchy feely podcast but gives practical actionable advice which you may employ immediately to improve your personal and professional life. Highly recommended!! Give it a listen and check it out for yourself.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-205Digi_cristinaNo fluffI like this podcast because it doesn’t spoon feed you - it is thought provoking and yet accessible at the same time. No gimmicks just good company and talk. I like the ideas shared here and the host is a great guide.
United StatesUnited States2020-12-285TeebeemSmart and Straightforward Business PodcastThis podcast is smart and addresses some of the most critical issues facing business today. John asks great questions of experienced professionals and we get to listen! Couldn’t be better!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-205FractallionBRILLIANT... of course I am biased, but where else are you going to hear from people that are following their dreams and passion AND making a living from it? The podcast clearly demonstrates that when you put People First - everything else really does follow! I am also experimenting with a new way of posting podcast reviews. If you are reading this … it worked!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-115Sid MohassebCEO / AuthorJohn is a master interviewer and the People first Podcast is a nice collection of thought-provoking conversations with interesting and intelligent guests with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. I highly recommend it.
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