Series: Conversations

060 | I Want Solid Gold Toilet Bowls In My House

Solid Gold Toilet – Trust Me – You Want To Hear This One!

Delighted to be joined by Steve Brown, author of The Golden Toilet (you’ll have to read the book or listen to the podcast to understand the reference … but when you hear it – it TOTALLY makes sense!

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058 | Give The Globe Another Spin. Are You In Berlin?

Philosopher, Analyst, Identity Rights Activist – it’s all part of the same journey in Tim’s mind.

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057 | I Got My Philosophy (It Keeps My Feet On The Ground)

Part Two of My Conversation With Cristina DiGiacomo. Worth every minute of the wait – and when it ends – it doesn’t. This is a podcast episode that keeps giving!

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056 | I Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan

… except she did. Forever!

Cristina DiGiacomo is a philosopher. A philosopher that feels that is so important, that we need to bring it into the workplace and life. FAST!

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055 | I Don’t Know Why They Say Grown Men Don’t Cry

Part Two of my conversation with Mark Roman. STUNNING dialogue about the challenges men face with friendship.

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054 | Real People Do Real Things, So What You Here For?

How often have you heard: “It’s just business – it’s nothing personal.” Oh, how wrong is that. Today, I am delighted to be joined by Mark Roman as we cover that and so much more …

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050 | Such A Curiosity – Here It Comes To Set Us Free

Greg Orme, author of ‘The Human Edge’ and winner of the 2020 Business Book of the Year joins me on this episode as we explore the human skills you need to survive and thrive in the world of tomorrow.

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049 | Call It Serendipity

John catches up with classical violinist, LaTonya Peoples who also happened to be the composer of The People First Podcast Theme Tune – and the ‘musical punctuation’.

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047 | Put Yourself In The Place Of The Man At The Forge

If you want an example of where the intersection of People First and the world of business is, then this show is a great start. Jacob Moynihan, founder and CEO of both Merchant 23 and talks to John Philpin about bringing empathy, humanity and personal connection to the relationships you want to have in your business.

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